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Your Favorite Metaverse

VIMEVERSE is your one-stop destination for all things Metaverse, including Virtual Reality (VR), Web3, AI and Blockchain Development Platforms and services. 

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Metaverse Services


VR/AR Applications

Anything in Metaverse

We're not just predicting the future of digital interactivity; we're building it. VIMEVERSE is reshaping the digital frontier. Dive deep into our freshly unveiled metaverse platform and discover the transformative potential of VR/AR for your enterprise. Stake your crypto with confidence and security in our platform. We offer bespoke VR, AR, and MR solutions tailored to diverse industries, from the dynamic realms of retail to the expansive horizons of real estate.

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From 360 immersive videos, to virtual offices, VR Games and VR Applications, VIMEVERSE helps your business to take your products and services to the Metaverse.



VR App/Game Development


Custom AR Development

VIMEVERSE offers development of various AR applications, which expertly combine 3D models, animation, and bring your product directly into the client's environment.

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Mixed Reality Experiences

Utilize our knowledge to mix AR and VR components that connect digital and physical objects. VIMEVERSE uses cutting edge input techniques to build stunning MR that wows your customer.

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Industry Specific Tools



  • Virtual fitting rooms

  • In-store navigation

  • AR shop consultants

  • Product search and customization assistance

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Real Estate

  • 3D house tours

  • Home design and decorating apps

  • Creating architectural models

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Art and NFTs

  • Virtual galleries, museums

  • NFT Project Launch

  • VR events

  • Web 3.0 applications development

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Cars and Manufacturing

  • Automotive industry

  • Heavy machinery

  • Agriculture

  • Design and engineering

  • Equipment installation


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